The Ultimate Guide to Water Health: Cellular Hydration, Energy Metabolism, Detoxification & More
Optimal water intake is without a doubt one of the most vital factors in good health. In essence, we need the proper amount of water in our bodies for every cellular function. Even mild dehydration leads to fatigue, brain fog, headaches and dizziness. However, the subject of water and hydration also happens to be one of the most confusing topics - how much water we should drink? What’s the best type of water to drink; distilled, alkaline, spring, sparkling, still, or some other type? In this article, we will seek to answer these questions and then some. As we evolve this topic, there is something key to keep in mind; it’s not just about how much water you consume. More importantly in the world of hydration is that your cells actually utilize that water efficiently.
Vacation Recovery Tips
Hey, we’re human, every now and then some of us cut loose from our diet or nutritional regimen and consume certain things we normally don’t. This can cause brain fog, fatigue and inflammation. Here are some of my favorite vacation recovery tips, to cleanse and detox the system after a vacation where I wasn’t exactly intermittent fasting or staying ketosis. Implementing many of these listed below helps me hit the ground running when I head back to work.
Andy Hnilo visits Dave Asprey of Bulletproof to Plan the Future of Alitura
Late in Summer 2013 I reached out to Bulletproof Executive CEO, Dave Asprey, in hopes of landing a job with his company. I didn't know his email address so I found the general email in the Contact section of the Bulletproof site and troubleshooted it by coming up with as many different combinations as I could, based on his name. Of course they all bounced back with errors... except for one. What followed was a conference call which led to me becoming a Bulletproof Ambassador, which in turn led to our first podcast on Bulletproof. 
Gut-Hormone Connection: The Link Between Poor Digestion, Estrogen & Skin Problems
Hormones play a key role in regulating the skin as an organ. When there is an imbalance and the body produces more stress hormones than adaptive hormones, the skin becomes compromised. Of the many hormones that can negatively affect the skin, estrogen is particularly damaging.
Want Beautiful Skin? Take Care of Your Liver

Do you desire youthful, healthy, glowing skin? If so, you’ve likely done a lot to get there. In the pursuit of better skin, it is common to seek out beauty salons, spas, specialists, lotions, serums and more. However, as the saying goes, beauty is found from within. I’m not talking about perspective either (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) but that actual physical beauty starts from within.

To be specific, our skin is an extension of the liver. In Chinese Medicine, ailments of the skin are regularly treated by remedying imbalances in the liver. That is because our liver is greatly responsible for two dominant functions that effect our skin health; digestion and detoxification.

Healthier Kidneys, Healthier Skin: The Kidney-Skin Connection
The kidney-skin connection isn't often discussed, however in reality, it turns out that healthier kidneys equal healthier skin. As taught in Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body and play a major role in determining skin health and beauty.
The Brain-Skin Connection: How Physiological Stress Ages Your Skin
The sophisticated relationship between stress and diseases of all sorts has been talked about since ancient times. Amongst the many imbalances that can arise from stress, undesirable, unhealthy and aged skin conditions are just one of them. In addition to early documentation, there are also recent clinical observations arise of the correlation between psychological stress and the intensification of numerous skin imbalances. Let us explore both the ancient and recent discoveries of this “Brain-Skin Connection”, and learn for ourselves how we can improve our psychology, endocrinology, immunity and ultimately improve our skin biology.
Emotions & Skin Health: How Dopamine Affects the Skin
You may have noticed your family and friends become more beautiful when struck by love. All of a sudden, their eyes shine and their skin begins to radiate. Our emotions actually produce visible changes in our behavior, physical appearance, and facial expressions on a daily basis. 
The Ultimate Post-Workout Meal
Had an INSANE workout up in high elevation so I need to replenish big time especially coming down on the tail end of my intermittent fast. Here is The Ultimate Post-Workout Meal.
Andy Hnilo's Pan-Seared Wild Sockeye Salmon Recipe

Enter Andy Hnilo's kitchen as he cooks up a functional, nutrient-dense seafood meal. The menu is made up of pan-seared wild sockeye salmon with steamed vegetables and a delicious, nutritious mash on the side. This makes for a great meal that is easy to make and tastes incredible, too.

Here is the complete step-by-step video loaded with facts and great tips! 

The Thyroid-Skin Connection: How Your Thyroid Affects Skin Health
Skin conditions associated with thyroid hormone are common. In fact, thyroid hormone is actually an important regulator in the homeostasis of the epidermal. If the thyroid isn’t functioning properly, the skin will not be able to regulate as easily.
Holistic Tips for Younger, Healthier Skin
Alitura's Scar Healing Protocol