Meet Andy Hnilo, Alitura's Founder & CEO. His journey from an accident to an accidental entrepreneur.
Andy Hnilo
The Journey

I woke up in a hospital bed on the night of March 20th, 2011. I had been struck by a series of large vehicles while crossing a busy street. I had a collapsed lung, seven broken ribs and a severe compound fracture of my jaw, which was broken in five places. Out of desperation to repair my own facial scarring, I began making my own natural skincare products at home.

I recognized that I had the power to choose how this would impact my future and accepted that I would have to pave my own path towards rebuilding both my body and my spirit. I was determined to recover and come back even stronger, attacking my injuries both from the inside and outside.

Our nutrition-first approach amplifies our natural ability to repair and restore. Through meticulous research, I carefully sourced active ingredients that would accelerate my skin's healing process, using myself as my biggest science experiment. I was back on a runway in 8 weeks.

Staying true to my own values, our customers can feel assured that Alitura is committed to using only the cleanest all-natural ingredients in our products. I am proud and excited to share our products with you.

Sourced and Made
Haleiwa, Hawaii

Alitura (Latin) meaning, to feed and to nourish. I created Alitura to solve a problem in my own life and I am confident that our powerful and proven products will change yours. Every component is pure and made with organic ingredients – sourced from the far reaches of the globe with time-honored history.

We make really good products that are good for your body and our planet. Our beautifully hand-crafted products are made from ingredients sourced in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Bees native to the area accelerate the pollination of the flowers which form the base of many of our constituents, making for a truly unique ingredient blend.

We harvest our ingredients no more than 2 months prior to being bottled. The results are highly potent formulations for uniquely fresh skincare products crafted above industry standards.  Packaged in Miron glass, a high-quality material sourced from the Netherlands that blocks out artificial light. This special glass is used in place of synthetic ingredient preservatives for top-grade quality.

Alitura ONLY uses active ingredients. Our products contain zero filler, meaning there is nothing to dilute our product potency. You get high-caliber products 100% of the time, which is a rare practice in the industry. Alitura’s proprietary formula is aligned with a clean and conscientious lifestyle. What started as a natural healing journey after facing a life-threatening accident, became a premium quality natural skincare collection celebrated by thousands of customers. Alitura is focused on complete wellness with visible anti-aging results that accelerate cell rejuvenation without the use of harsh toxins or synthetic ingredients. The Alitura Night Cream, received the CleanCert Beauty Awards for 2021: Best Face Cream, now available in 90 countries!


Natural Path to Perfect Skin

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Learn The Natural Path to Perfect Skin: In order to get lustrous, supple skin you must feed it from the inside out. Get 30 pages of our best skincare secrets. 

》Andy’s Top Foods for Radiant Skin

》 The Perfect Skincare Regimen

》What to Avoid to Maintain a Radiant Complexion

Powerful Results

Hnilo’s accident-to-accidental skincare entrepreneur tale from a homemade hobby to stocking shelves in 90 countries. Real skin results from real people.

Review: Olivia
Clear Control

“I got rid of all the medications once I started using The Clay Mask! After about 3 weeks, I started to use it with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of water, which I noticed made a big difference! I would say it took a little bit more than 30 days for the scars to diminish about 95%!

For the longest time I felt like it was never going to go away which is why I am truly blessed for all the knowledge and resources I have gained along the way. Thank you for your products and for creating a message that tells women and men to stay natural and embrace their inner and outer beauty.”

REVIEW: Krista
Skin and Spirit

"Thank you Alitura for lifting my spirit! I was struggling with cystic acne and red scarring for years and it was really taking its toll on my emotions. I met Andy and his passion for healing naturally was infectious! I started using the clay mask regularly and really believed it would work by the way Icould feel it pulling toxins out and decongesting my skin by the stimulating circulation.

I also resonate with the pure ingredient list and mix my mask with water and a few drops of frankincense. TheAlitura products tremendously helped me reflect the same radiance and clarity, I currently feel in my spirit, out through my face! Thank you, Thank you!"