Emotions & Skin Health: How Dopamine Affects the Skin

Emotions & Skin Health: How Dopamine Affects the Skin

Have you ever considered that happiness and skin health go hand-in-hand? Known as the 'chemical of happiness', dopamine may actually play a role in getting healthier, brighter skin.

Our Skin Shows Our Emotions

You may have noticed your family and friends become more beautiful when struck by love. All of a sudden, their eyes shine and their skin begins to radiate. Our emotions actually produce visible changes in our behavior, physical appearance, and facial expressions on a daily basis. For example, feelings of love may manifest as a pink, flushed color that fills the cheeks.

Most of us have experienced and/or noticed these phenomenons. Yet the challenge is understanding the physiological mechanisms behind them. How exactly can our emotions cause our complexion to light up or dull?

The Effects of The Dopaminergic System on the Skin

The dopaminergic system is heavily involved in the expression of our emotions. Perhaps the first thing to take into consideration is that the skin is an organ. Like all other organs, it is affected by the various hormones and chemicals produced in the body.

Dopamine, in particular, is present during the feelings of euphoria, bliss, and joy. Furthermore, dopamine is responsible for various brain functions including the following:

  • The communication between neurons.
  • Processes that control motor function.
  • Emotional responses.

Dopamine is also involved in the proper functioning of the skin as an organ in several ways:

  • Dopamine supports an appropriate supply to the cells by increasing microcirculation through a noninflammatory mechanism. 1
  • dopamine improves recovery of the skin barrier. 2

In fact, based on an in vitro study, dopamine has been found to increase skin microcirculation and improve appearance. The study used a natural dopamine-boosting complex and discovered that it “immediately improved microcirculation without associated irritation”. This translates into an improved complexion and increased wellbeing.

In other words, with a combination of natural ingredients, dopamine was found to not only evoke positive emotion but also “light up the skin’s complexion and enhance its feeling of comfort and wellbeing”.

The Bottom Line: Be Happy

As it turns out, under the surface, dopamine has everything to do with an apparent “happiness glow”. Dopamine increases the supply of blood to the skin through microcirculation stimulation. Similarly to various applications like our Clay Mask, Dermaroller and massage treatments, increased levels of dopamine can increase circulation, resulting in a radiant glow.

In addition to your arsenal of Alitura products, beauty foods, supplements, and therapies, remember to cultivate experiences and relationships in your life that make you feel blissfully amazing. Your skin will thank you!

What are some of the things that bring happiness into your life? Share with us in the comments!

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