Holistic Self-Care Tips For Mastering Your Mind & Body

Holistic Self-Care Tips For Mastering Your Mind & Body

Holistic health plays a bigger role in our lives than we tend to realize on a day-to-day basis. When your body and mind are not in balance, you have low energy, are fatigued, experience hormonal fluctuations and even skin problems. Your body ends up demanding a lot of your attention, which affects everything from success to your relationships.

On the other hand, when your body is balanced and energized, you tend to look and feel great and have a lot of free attention to put into your goals. Creating positive little habits is the key to mastering your life, and thankfully, it is actually simpler and more fun than it sounds. Here are our holistic self-care tips to help you master both your mind and body.

Mastering your body

Move Daily

Our bodies are designed to move. If you want to be healthy, there is no way around this one. We need to move our bodies, they crave and love natural movement. Make your exercise or fitness regimen fun and interesting by doing the things you enjoy. Whether walking, dancing, or playing sports, find your favorite way to move and do it daily!

Bonus: While the gym is great for some, working out in nature may come with added benefits. Being in nature has proven to reduce stress and one study has even found that being immersed in nature can potentially boost your performance on a creative problem-solving by 50%. Another study found that walking among trees can increase your short-term memory by 20%. In addition, nature walks can reduce stress and inflammation, eliminate fatigue, fight depression, lower blood pressure, boost immunity, and reduce anxiety.

Sleep Well

The concept of ‘beauty sleep’ is very real. Sleep is the healthiest thing you can do for not only your mind and body but also your appearance. It is the only time your body goes into a deep state of regeneration and rejuvenation. In fact, a lack of sleep causes the immune system to weaken and is the root of many skin problems.

Sleep deprivation promotes inflammation, which leads to an increased likelihood of acne breakouts, allergenic issues like dermatitis and overall more sensitive skin. Everything from acne, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, and rosacea can be traced back to inflammation. Make sure to get your beauty sleep!

Holistic Self-Care Tips For Mastering Your Mind & Body

Go Bulletproof

Firstly, limit your intake of processed foods as these are less beneficial to the body. The use of chemicals to preserve, control and enhance flavors can be damaging to the body. A Bulletproof diet goes beyond organic, dissecting possibly mold toxicity even in otherwise, healthy, organic food. A Bulletproof diet focuses on more than nutrients and ensures optimal digestion, hormone health, and microflora balance. Adopting this style of eating has a place for every body type, as it places prime importance on foods with the lowest possible levels of toxicity, with the most nutrients, and promotes the consumption of foods grown in healthier soils on organic, local farms. It also promotes intermittent fasting, which enhances cognitive health, metabolic efficiency, and cellular detoxification.

Use herbs

Plenty of healthy and natural herbs can play a big role in internal and external body detoxification as well as skin health. Examples of these herbs are gynostemma which is a powerful medicinal herb, Schizandra for the liver, and geranium and chamomile, which are both great anti-inflammatory herbs. We use these herbs in Alitura skincare products, and you can learn about their benefits in our previous post. Our Alitura Revitalize formula is a great source of adaptogenic super herbs that support both the mind and body.

Alitura Revitalize


Mastering Your Space

Go Non-Toxic

Even household cleaners contain toxic chemicals. And although you’re not placing them inside or directly onto your body, they may still enter your bodily system through regular use. By using non-toxic cleaners, you can be sure to rid your home of harmful chemicals. For creating a non-toxic home environment Andy Hnilo recommends investing in a shower filter as well as using organic sheets in addition to switching to non-toxic cleaners. Read more of Andy’s holistic health tips here.

Holistic Self-Care Tips For Mastering Your Mind & Body

Grow indoor plants

Another holistic self-care tip is to surround yourself with plants. Doing this will not only make your home look more beautiful, but also allow the oxygen to freely flow in your surroundings. In addition to clarifying the air, it turns out plants can also improve mental health by lowering levels of depression. In fact, a Harvard study over 8 years found fewer deaths among women who lived in the greenest surroundings. Another study by researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia found that populating office environments with pot plants make staff happier and could boost productivity by as much as 15%.

Mastering Your Mind

Get Knowledge

It’s true that knowledge is power. We recommend getting in touch with your body and learning as much about it as you can. You could study Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, or other forms of holistic nutrition. We recommend reading books like The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek, and Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price.

Hug Someone

Hugging is scientifically proven to have a therapeutic effect on us. A hug can instantly improve your mood and set off some great positive health benefits. According to research, Hugging reduces stress, boosts our immune system, fights depression, balances our nervous system, lowers blood pressure, and reduces heart rate. Hugging also increases serotonin, also known as ‘the feel-good’ hormone. That said, it helps to make us feel happy, relaxed and confident.

Perhaps best of all, hugs can work as an anti-ager. Seriously! The act increases the body’s capacity to release oxytocin, which is important in maintaining a youthful body and healthy muscles.

happy girl sitting on beach

Take a deep breath

Stress, tension, and anxiety are not only bad for your mind but also bad for your skin. Try to determine the causes and deal with it through relaxation, meditation, reflection and other kinds of coping technique. Deep breathing can help get a relaxed mind and help you take in much-needed oxygen that can assist in the circulation of your blood. Meditation is also a great way of detoxifying your mind and body of energy drainers and poisonous thoughts that can prove to be very harmful.

Be Grateful

Being grateful is such a simple thing, yet it makes all the difference for you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Not only does gratitude increase happiness and reduce countless toxic emotions like stress, resentment, frustration and regret, but it can also help overcome trauma accounting to a study in Behavior Research and Therapy. Being thankful can even improve physical health, according to a 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences.

Taking Control of Your Skin

Do skin brushing

The skin is the biggest organ of the body. Therefore, it is the gateway for harmful toxins entering your system. By using the detox method of skin brushing, your skin becomes stimulated and the toxic waste products in your body are eliminated. Read about the amazing benefits of daily skin brushing on our previous blog post.

Use natural skin care products

Your skin is your largest organ and nourished skin is a sign of great health. Without healthy skin we couldn’t properly absorb vitamin D3, a hormone-like nutrient that builds immunity and balances our hormone function, especially supporting thyroid function.

We can’t stress how important it is to take a holistic approach to skincare and to make sure that your daily products are chemical-free and contain only the best of nature. In addition, mixing up a weekly Alitura Clay Masks will help promote circulation, oxygenation, and a healthier cardiovascular system.

We at Alitura believe in a holistic approach to self-care that supporting the external canvas as well as the inside of the body. Just as we use nutrient-dense clays as well as natural and therapeutic moisturizers, we take great care of our minds and internal organs with high-quality nutrition.



We at Alitura recommend a holistic approach to skincare, which includes supporting the external canvas with nutrient-dense clays, medicinal and therapeutic moisturizers while taking great care of our internal organs with high-quality nutrition and tonic herbs.

What are your favorite self-care tips? Let us know if we missed any good ones in the comments below

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