Andy Hnilo visits Dave Asprey of Bulletproof to Plan the Future of Alitura
Late in Summer 2013 I reached out to Bulletproof Executive CEO, Dave Asprey, in hopes of landing a job with his company. I didn't know his email address so I found the general email in the Contact section of the Bulletproof site and troubleshooted it by coming up with as many different combinations as I could, based on his name. Of course they all bounced back with errors... except for one. What followed was a conference call which led to me becoming a Bulletproof Ambassador, which in turn led to our first podcast on Bulletproof. 
Andy Talks Intermittent Fasting & Fueling Up After an Intense Workout with Optimal Post-Workout Meals
Post-workout meals are extremely important to your recovery and gains. If you’re hitting the gym but struggling to see results, odds are your diet is to blame. Andy discusses the best way to fuel up after a workout.
Organ meats, Skincare Tips, and Friends
I had the opportunity to cook dinner for Michael Morelli Jr. of MorelliFit recently in Scottsdale, Arizona. Michael has an amazing story of recovery from depression and addiction and how he was able to beat it through exercise meditation and proper nutrition. I explained the importance of incorporating organ meats into our daily diet and how nutrient dense they can be. Meats such as Kidney, Liver and Heart are all loaded in crucial vitamins and minerals that we need to support our body and mind. 
Andy Hnilo's Pan-Seared Wild Sockeye Salmon Recipe

Enter Andy Hnilo's kitchen as he cooks up a functional, nutrient-dense seafood meal. The menu is made up of pan-seared wild sockeye salmon with steamed vegetables and a delicious, nutritious mash on the side. This makes for a great meal that is easy to make and tastes incredible, too.

Here is the complete step-by-step video loaded with facts and great tips! 

Holistic Tips for Younger, Healthier Skin
Alitura's Scar Healing Protocol