Hacks for Reducing Skin Inflammation: Rashes, Allergies & Dermatitis

Histamine is an inflammatory neurotransmitter that is produced in excess when the immune system responds to a stimulus or trigger. There are many different types of triggers that can increase the production of histamine, widening the blood vessels and making them more vulnerable to the many symptoms associated with inflammation and allergies.  Some of the top causes of histamine release are:

Tips For Fast, Efficient Exercise Recovery
Recovery from exercise, be it strength or endurance training, is essential for optimal health and muscle growth. After all, it is during recovery, not exercise, that the body ultimately develops new muscle. Although there are benefits to exercise like the...
The Untold Truth About Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
Chronic low energy is a common, modern-day problem for many people. In good health, 3 pm would otherwise be a time of peak energy and performance but unfortunately for most, a nap is usually in order. When mid-day slumps replace youthful motivation, and strong coffee replaces your zest for life, you might be suffering from low thyroid. 
Glutathione For Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s
Something magnificent about the human body is that nothing serves one function. Everything in the body has multiple functions, mechanisms, and purposes. This is no exception to the various antioxidants produced by the body. For example, one of the most important antioxidants our body makes; glutathione, not only protects our cells from oxidative damage but is also key for proper thyroid function.
Allergic Skin: Histamine, Skin Allergies and Treatment
Skin allergies, be it itchy and dry skin or more severe allergic conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis share a common culprit; histamine. Elevated levels of histamine in the blood and tissues have been noted during allergic responses of the skin, nose, and airways. In fact, histamine is a known mediator of the cardinal signs of allergic reactions including edema, inflammation, and itchiness. 
DHEA for Youthful Skin
Dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA, gets its very complex name because it has never been identified to have one particularly dominant mechanism. However, it appears that DHEA has the primary objective of achieving health and youth in the body. The...
Ancient Chinese Medicine Secrets for Hair Growth
Hair loss comes in various forms; male pattern baldness, autoimmune alopecia, diffuse thinning, hypothyroid hair loss and more. Although the scientific world has made hair loss seem to be a mysterious and unsolvable problem,  the truth is, much has been known about hair loss for some time. In fact, Ancient Chinese Medicine has long understood the causes and remedies for hair loss. 
How to Balance Progesterone Levels for Glowing Skin
Lackluster hair and dull skin are some of the undesirable consequences of hormonal imbalance. If one of your goals is to reverse these visible signs of aging, then learning about your hormones is essential.
The Best Ways to Decrease Harmful Estrogen
Estrogens are necessary hormones for normal physiological function and health. However, when even slightly elevated beyond normal ranges, their effects resemble that of a stress hormone. In fact, many toxic effects of estrogen were known by the early 1940s and more are continuing to be discovered. Everything from cancer, to abnormal blood clotting, hair loss, edema, hypothyroid, PCOS and infertility are known to be caused by excess estrogen.
Hypothyroidism & Skin Cancer Link: Tips for Naturally Preventing Skin Cancer
Cases of malignant melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer, have been steadily increasing. According to conventional knowledge, the top risk factors for skin cancer are genetics, skin type (fairer skin), excessive sun exposure, and hereditary (family history of skin cancer). Most of these factors are short-sighted. At worst, they are fate-driven, meaning there isn’t much you can do to control them.
How Estrogen Causes Wrinkles & Ages Your Skin
We all know that some degree of skin aging is inevitable. Yet, most of us don't realize that it doesn’t have to be drastic. Certain factors are known to accelerate imbalances within our bodies and cause stress, which results in visible aging signs such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, laxity, and rough appearance.
Anti-Aging Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid
Skin aging is a multifactorial process that takes place both internally and externally. In the world of science, the internal processes that affect skin aging consist of metabolic and cellular stressors that are more or less part of the natural...
How To Prevent Oxidative Stress In Aging Skin

Oxidative stress is an important part of the biological aging process and plays a major role in skin aging. As we have touched on in previous articles, there are two major types of skin aging: intrinsic and extrinsic aging. These are both exacerbated by oxidative stress. 

Of the two forms of skin aging, extrinsic aging is most driven by oxidative stress. Extrinsic aging refers to the aging of the outermost skin layer (the epidermis), normally caused by external factors such as UV radiation, environmental toxins, and diet. 

Lipofuscin: Reducing Age Spots Naturally
Lipofuscin is the technical term for “age spots” or “liver spots”. Age pigment or lipofuscin, is a typically brown pigment that tends to increases with the stress of aging. According to researchers, lipofuscin has been referred to as a “terminal toxin”, meaning it increases proportionately to oxidative stress and aging. 
The Skin Benefits of Zinc

Could a zinc deficiency be at the root of your skin issues? Plenty of the body's organs, glands, and tissues require generous supplies of zinc to function, including your skin. In fact, the skin is the third most zinc-abundant tissue in the body and requires adequate supplies to maintain a healthy state.

    Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Plant Oils
    Natural plant oils have been used for a variety of purposes throughout time, from incorporating them into diets to using them as pharmaceuticals. Today, they have gained recognition for their therapeutic, anti-aging, and restorative effects on the health of our skin. Thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, select plant oils are capable of preserving, regenerating and repairing the skin.
    The Skin Benefits of Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is known in the world of health and beauty for its potent antioxidant effects. In addition to its antioxidant effect, vitamin E also benefits the skin in many other ways. In this article, we will share the science behind the nutrient and its mechanism, as well as some practical ways to start reaping its benefits. 
    Anti-Aging and Protective Benefits of Methylene Blue
    We have a strong interest in managing the aging of the skin considering it is the most visible and exposed organ. Not only is our skin the most vulnerable to environmental stressors but it is the organ we observe the...
    5 Proven Supplements for Beautiful Skin from Within
    For a while, it seems we collectively forgot the medicinal and anti-aging abilities of food. Instead, our society has largely been focused on topical applications for skin hygiene and health. Although select topical agents such as honey, aloe, clay, and others do provide therapeutic value the truth is, beauty comes from the inside. The use of nutrition and other natural substances for improving skin health traces as far back as Egyptian times.
    4 Common Skincare Myths Debunked
    So much of the conventional skin care market is based on psychology rather than physiology. At Alitura, we do not fight this, instead, we seek to improve it by providing the best of both worlds: luxury and delivery. In an...
    Natural Remedies for Varicose Veins
    Although more than 40% of women and 25% of men suffer from varicose veins, very few truly understand their underlying root cause. Often times they show up as a symptom of underlying stress and hormonal imbalances. These bulging, discolored veins are mostly harmless but can cause acute pain and discomfort. Fortunately, there are natural remedies for varicose veins that make solving the problem easy.
    Holistic Tips for Younger, Healthier Skin
    Alitura's Scar Healing Protocol