Ancient Chinese Medicine Secrets for Hair Growth

Ancient Chinese Medicine Secrets for Hair Growth

Hair loss comes in various forms; male pattern baldness, autoimmune alopecia, diffuse thinning, hypothyroid hair loss and more. Although the scientific world has made hair loss seem to be a mysterious and unsolvable problem, the truth is, much has been known about hair loss for some time. In fact, Ancient Chinese Medicine has long understood the causes and remedies for hair loss.

According to TCM, hair loss is one of the many symptoms of chronic stress, or what they call a “Jing deficiency”. In Chinese Medicine, to regenerate the hair requires removing the causes of stress (jing leakages) and restoring the jing energy. The terminology used in TCM may make all of this sound very esoteric; however, the methods used by Chinese Medicine practitioners have proven to be a very effective treatment method for over 5,000 years. In this article, we’d like to share with you some of those ancient methods for restoring hair growth used in TCM.

Ancient Chinese Medicine Secrets for Hair Growth

Jing & Hair

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) views the hair as a reflection of overall health. At basic, TCM considers the hair an extension of the body’s overall energy supply. In other words, in order to have a lot of hair, the body must be producing an abundance of energy. More specifically, the condition of your hair is determined by the Kidney organ system, which is responsible for the production of Jing energy

Jing is a term that describes the vital energy produced by the kidney system, which includes the kidneys, adrenals and thyroid. According to TCM, the Jing energy is what nourishes the hair shaft and aids all the growth and developmental processes of the body.

This perspective isn’t much different than the Western physiological perspective of hair growth. Physiologically speaking, the hair follicle is a highly energetic demanding mini-organ, with high requirements of ATP and glucose in order to grow and thrive. And in both TCM and western terms, stress will impair the production of energy or “deplete the Jing, which will starve the hair follicle of the needed energy for lustrous growth.

From this viewpoint, the TCM secret for healthy, abundant hair growth is to ensure a constant production and supply of Jing energy. And there just so happens to be a few very wonderful herbs for helping ensure this.

TCM Herbs For Hair Growth

There are many factors that affect the level of Jing in the body and therefore hair growth including stress, diet, sleep and environment. However, certain herbs can work to support the production of Jing energy while also supporting healthy circulation, which may help regenerate new hair and promote growth and color.

  • Polyrachis Black Ant: TCM practitioners have long used an extract of black mountain ant to support the production of Jing energy and restore hair health. Aside from containing exogenous ATP (which hair follicles love), it also contains an abundance of zinc. Zinc is often deficient in people with hair loss, which can be caused by dietary inadequacies, genetics, frequent ejaculation in men, and stress. Zinc plays an important role in the actual growth and repair of the hair shaft and also regulates the oil glands around the follicles. Also, zinc is an anti-aromatase inhibitor, which helps to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Not only is testosterone essential for normal hair growth, but excess estrogen can cause alopecia, impair thyroid function and the delivery and consumption of oxygen to the hair follicle. In these ways, Black Ant is a wonderful herb for restoring Jing energy and assisting in normal hair growth.
  • He Shou Wu: The most popular Chinese herb for hair health is hands down He Shou Wu. This herb supports hair growth from numerous angles. First off, TCM classifies this herb as a Kidney Jing tonic because it strengthens the Kidney organ system. He Shou Wu contains a compound known as emodin, which increases mitochondrial respiration (the cells ability to produce ATP). Hair loss has been associated with a depletion of ATP and supporting its production with He Shou Wu may be one way it helps to promote hair growth.

In research studies, He Shou Wu was found to regrow hair in a majority of people with just three months use. The herb’s mechanisms involve inducing the anagen (growth phase) in the dormant hair follicle. He Shou Wu is also rich in copper and emodin, two substances that support the delivery of oxygen to the hair follicle cell in the electron transport chain. You can find a high quality He Shou Wu in our Revitalize Formula.

In Conclusion

Hair loss can be devastating and difficult to correct. There are many contributing factors to hair loss, all rooted in stress and the interference of the hairs energy supply. Also, because human hair follicles rest and grow at different rates, getting the majority of the hair follicles into a growth phase for full restoration can take time. Fortunately, the use of Chinese Medicine herbal tonics can help to accelerate the hair growth process and may act as a powerful tool for healthier hair.

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