Andy Hnilo’s Revitalizing Herbal Tonic
Here it is... My incredibly potent Morning Tonic! (All herbs are Jing Herbs and Starwest Botanicals. All amino acids are Disclaimer: I recommend getting a full spectrum blood test done at least once a year and basing your own tonic on your inflammation markers and thyroid health. This is what I do, but all of us are different. I have noticed a consistent source of energy through this tonic that sustains throughout the day. I built this based on the chinese philosophy of strengthening our system by building better blood and circulation through adaptogenic and ayurvedic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. I combine amino acids to assist in circulating this vital nutrients from head to toe. I have notice a strengthenes immmne system, quick workout recovery, unbelievable vasodilation (circulation), stamina and sharper cognitive function.
Andy Hnilo's Summer Workout
My favorite way to work out: pop a couple revitalize in the middle of an intermittent fast, after some Bulletproof Coffee. You don't necessarily need a gym to get the best workout of your life.
The Alitura Derma Roller Is Back In Stock
During our initial launch of the Alitura Derma Roller, we received so many orders of this revolutionary product that it was back ordered. We are excited to let you know you that the Derma Roller is back in stock in all 3 sizes: 1mm, .5mm, and .25mm!
The Best Reasons to Use a Daily Night Cream
According to statistics over 80% of American’s struggle with acne. While the severity of the acne can differ, the fact of the matter is that a very large percentage of people today experience less than optimal skin. And despite the wide range of anti-acne protocols including dermatologist, mediations and over the counter ointments, the problems persist.  
Get Better Skin With the Alitura Clay Mask
No matter what you try to do each day, your face never seems to have the smooth skin and healthy glow that you want the most. Perhaps you have problems with acne, dry skin or have suffered damage from the sun over the years and your skin lacks the healthy look you want. Instead of simply accepting the way your skin looks or turning to prescription medications, that may or may not work, contain harsh chemicals and synthetics you need to look for a better, more effective alternative. Here at Alitura Naturals, we can provide you with better skin, thanks to the widely sold, Alitura clay mask. 
The Magic of Plant-Derived Stem Cells
Throughout the centuries, people have stumbled upon several natural ways to keep their skin looking young. One of the most recent and profound findings in natural, anti-aging remedies, is the discovery of plant stem cells. Using our modern technology, cells can be extracted from plants and cultivated in the laboratory to multiply their molecular potency by 1000 times to bring out the highest concentration possible, which allows the final product to give instant results. In the most basic sense, plant stem cells are literally extracted stem cells of plants. Moreover, a stem cell is postulated to be responsible for the renewal and regeneration of tissues (cells create tissues, tissues create organs, and organs create organisms).  Because of their regenerative abilities, stem cells are some of the most important in the body, without them, our cells would not renew. The more stem cells the body has, the faster and quicker the regeneration process. 
How a Natural Clay Mask Will Work for You
No matter what type of skin care regimen you maintain, you may find that your skin still does not look as good as you would like. You may fight problems with acne and blemishes constantly, and you may have spent hundreds of dollars’ on different skin care products without positive results. What many people do not know is that many of the skin care products you find today may contain ingredients that are chemical in nature, causing reactions and problems for your skin instead of helping it. What you want is an all-natural method to help your skin. When you come to us at Alitura Naturals, you can try our natural clay mask and see just how a clay mask will work well for you.
What Makes a Night Cream Effective for You?
We all take our skin for granted each day, thinking it will just take care of itself. Even though you wash regularly, eat healthily and exercise, the truth is that your skin cannot do it all and needs some help so it stays looking its best, feeling great and maintains good health and strength. Even if you take steps to care for your skin, you still must deal with all the chemicals, pollutants and allergens in the air around you each day, which can clog and wear down your skin. Add that to the chemicals in much of the food you eat, the makeup you use and perhaps even your soaps and cleansers, and your skin must fight more each day than you realize. That is why taking steps at the end of each day can be important to you, and why a night cream can help make a difference for you.
Pearl Powder: The Secret Beauty Tonic for Healthy Skin and Much More
Pearl is one of the greatest secrets utilized by the exceptionally beautiful women of the Orient. Also known as margarita, this is a Shen enhancing, Heart and Liver tonic that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many reasons including healthy skin.
The Remarkable Skin Healing Power of Clay

The Alitura Clay mask contains four different types of clay which thoroughly purify the skin at it’s deepest layers.

Today, I want to deep dive into exactly where these clays come from, the unique benefits they each provide, and exactly how they work to beautify your skin. The key element of why clay has such an amazing effect on the skin is its ability to draw out impurities, toxins, and heavy metals.

Andy Hnilo's Alitura Clay Mask Routine
The perfect clay mask routine starts with the Derma Roller. In addition to boosting collagen production, the 600 titanium microneedle roller reduces the appearance of large pores. It's the beauty industry’s best-kept secret and Andy swears by it to enhance his mask experience.
Best Natural Facial Cleanser: The Alitura Pearl Cleanser
There is significant scientific evidence unrolling all the time about the dangers of the synthetic ingredients found in commercial facial cleansers. Industry standard ingredients have been linked to everything from skin irritation to cancer. One important thing to note when purchasing any beauty product is to always check the ingredients.
One of Andy's High Nutrition Meals
I'm not going to be winning any food-plating competitions anytime soon but let's focus on the important part, the nutrition.  When I want to give my digestive system a break after eating a lot of meat or fish protein, I will go with softer protein, like eggs, for a few days. I really believe (barring any allergies or food sensitivity issues) that pasture raised - organic eggs should be categorized as a superfood. As you will notice below, the yolks are still intact by cooking them sunny side up. This retains the great fatty acid composition and mineral content and preserving the vital nutrients that good pastured egg yolks contain.
Alitura visits the Cubs and Dodgers to talk skin care healthy skin
Spring is here! And that means baseball is too! For me, there is no better way to enjoy it than out at the ballpark and meeting baseball players, doing what I can to educate them on the importance of skin care and nutrition - what they put into and onto their body.  A lot of the time, people are only aware of what we see advertised to us, the big corporate names with the toxic/synthetic formulas and ingredient decks.  For these baseball players who are out in the sun for hours with those chemicals getting baked into their skin, that is a huge concern. The importance of what is put into these products as well as how clay masks work can have optimal results for healthy skin. 
Focus TV's "The Pitch" with Andy Hnilo
I had a blast on Focus TV's show 'The Pitch,' where I was able to discuss how I took a bad accident, getting hit and run over by two cars, and ultimately found my true passion in skincare, health and wellness. I chatted with Rachel Wallis, who is an expert in business and is highly respected in the entrepreneurial community. It is always fun to retrace the steps of how I created The Alitura Clay Mask, Moisturizer and Night Cream out of a single bedroom apartment in North Hollywood, and grew it into a global business that is now located in 75 countries. 
Andy's Morning Bulletproof Power Coffee
If you haven't had bulletproof coffee by now, you're missing out! Bulletproof coffee is a high calorie drink meant to replace what you'd typically have for breakfast. Everyone adds their own flavor to their recipes. Read on to see how Andy, the CEO/Founder of Alitura, likes to drink his Bulletproof coffee.
A Guide to Organic Body Lotion

The more you learn about holistic health, the more you realize less is truly more. When it comes to our skin this is especially true. Our entire body does a really extraordinary job at self-regulating. It seems the only thing we need to do, is get out of its way.

Typically, when the body is healthy, clean, free of toxicity and balanced, our skin has a way of regulating itself. Our skin is covered with trillions of cells of bacteria and this microbiome, when balanced, keeps the skin protected, healthy and even clean.

Colostrum and Its Amazing Health Benefits to Humans
Does colostrum have benefits for the skin? Absolutely! Colostrum plays an essential role in giving the body vital micronutrients needed to maintain a healthy, vibrant existence. 
The Ultimate Guide to Derma Rolling: The Best-Kept Beauty Secret
Derma Rolling is the secret weapon to eliminating skin imperfections and attaining flawless, timeless skin. It’s a wonder treatment for everything from scars to wrinkles to acne. But unlike most other treatments, which can cost a pretty penny, Derma Rolling is incredibly cost-effective and can be done in the comforts of your own bathroom. If you have previously tried everything under the sun to improve the appearance and health of your skin with no luck, Derma Rolling targets the areas most other treatments miss. It will without doubt improve your current skin condition in a way topical treatments simply cannot. The real secret to Derma Rolling lies in its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis by generating acute inflammation. This process helps to rebuild collagen beneath the surface of your skin.
Holistic Tips for Younger, Healthier Skin
Alitura's Scar Healing Protocol