Colostrum and Its Amazing Health Benefits to Humans

Colostrum and Its Amazing Health Benefits to Humans

If you are having health issues and you don’t know anything about colostrum, then you are missing out on the best treatment you can ever get. Colostrum is a supplement with more than five health benefits for every person of any age, gender, and race. Not only do people love it because of its awesome benefits, colostrum (included in The Alitura Night Cream) is one of the most amazing super foods on the planet. Adding colostrum in your diet is important, as it goes a long way towards making you happier and healthier.

What is colostrum?

Before talking about the importance of including colostrum in your diet as well as your beauty products (such as The Alitura Clay Mask), let’s take a closer look at the supplement. Colostrum is a form of pre-milk produced by mothers, including humans and animals for their young ones. While milk is white, colostrum can be sticky, and can appear in a yellowish or an orange color. Colostrum is the stuff that babies or newborn feed on during the first days of their birth. It provides them with all of the nutrients they need for growth.

During the first months of a calf’s life, it is not as exposed to bacteria, germs or diseases because its mother passes important nutrients through the colostrum to keep the offspring safe and healthy.

Types of colostrum

There are two types of colostrum, but the supplement that we refer to in this article is bovine colostrum. The two types of colostrum are:

Bovine colostrum

From cows, bovine colostrum is used in supplements. It contains higher proteins and fat contents than human colostrum; and many people prefer these supplements rather than human colostrum.

Human colostrum

This is produced by human mother for her newborn. Sometimes you can find it for sale; but many people don’t feel comfortable using it. It is also not commonly used in supplements.

Uses of colostrum supplements

Colostrum can be used in many things, including beauty products. Explaining the use of colostrum, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center says, colostrum supplements can be used to reduce the level of C-reactive proteins after undergoing surgery and is a notable treatment for diarrhea. The supplements can also be used to treat (and prevent damage to) the gastrointestinal tract. Additionally, they can be used to treat colitis and enhance bone development.

What are the benefits of colostrum supplements?

You already know about the health benefits of colostrum for newborns, but what are the health benefits of colostrum for adults?

Allergy relief

Allergies in humans are a common occurrence. They area a result of immunoglobulin production by the body. The body produces the IgE in response to foreign vitamins and proteins. Colostrum supplements suppress the IgE production by desensitizing the body. It contains antibodies that work against allergen in human bodies.

Antioxidants and anti-aging

This is the most important benefit of why you need to use colostrum supplements. Antioxidants are the fountain of youth. Colostrum contains the precursor to glutathione, as well as antioxidants which are known to clean up pollutants from your skin and body, and reverse the damage caused by high levels of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress.

Boost the immune system

As mentioned above, colostrum is rich in immunoglobins. Immunoglobulin is a type of natural vaccine that is used in boosting the immune system. That is why Homeopathic and Naturopathic medicine often recommends colostrum supplements as alternatives to antibiotics.

Improve athletic performance

Colostrum supplements can be used to improve athletic performance since it is similar to other dairy-based products like whey protein. In a study done with the Dutch hockey team, most players use colostrum suppliants to improve performance and decrease recovery time. Colostrum improves sprint performance, vertical jumps and improves lean muscle mass.

Increase lean muscle mass

Similar to other milk products, colostrum increase muscle mass if taken on a regular basis. It is proven to have a superior protein capacity for increasing lean muscle mass.

Colostrum has additional benefits beyond those mentioned here. The Center for Research explains other benefits of colostrum, and calls it a key to health as it helps in treating, preventing and maintaining a healthy functioning body from inside out.

How does colostrum work?

Colostrum is rich in proteins, vitamin A, nutrients, sodium chloride, fats, carbohydrates, and potassium. These nutrients and vitamins are available in colostrum supplements. Bovine colostrum is richer in these nutrients than human colostrum; and this is one reason why many people prefer bovine colostrum. It contains vitamins B6, B12, A, C, and E, along with chromium, potassium, Calcium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus.

If that isn’t good enough to make you consider using bovine colostrum, it has other amino acids, including glutamic acid, glycine, aspartic acid, cysteine, alanine, tyrosine, serine, and arginine. Most of these components improve growth and development factors.

Colostrum plays an essential role in giving the body many of the supplements it needs to maintain good health and growth. For many beauty products, colostrum is a preferred ingredient with an array of beneficial minerals, proteins and vitamins.

Colostrum, The Alitura Clay Mask and The Alitura Night Cream

Unlike most products on the market, The Alitura Clay Mask and The Alitura Night Cream are essential skincare solutions that deliver unparalleled hydration and optimal cellular health for a brightened complexion and long term anti-aging benefits. We use colostrum as a major ingredient in both products. Colostrum helps by feeding the skin with valuable minerals, amino acids, protein and vitamins to promote unique growth, and fight oxidants, harmful germs and bacteria.

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