The Magic of Plant-Derived Stem Cells

The Magic of Plant-Derived Stem Cells

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Throughout the centuries, people have stumbled upon several natural ways to keep their skin looking young. One of the most recent and profound findings in natural, anti-aging remedies, is the discovery of plant stem cells. Using our modern technology, cells can be extracted from plants and cultivated in the laboratory to multiply their molecular potency by 1000 times to bring out the highest concentration possible, which allows the final product to give instant results. In the most basic sense, plant stem cells are literally extracted stem cells of plants. Moreover, a stem cell is postulated to be responsible for the renewal and regeneration of tissues (cells create tissues, tissues create organs, and organs create organisms). Because of their regenerative abilities, stem cells are some of the most important in the body, without them, our cells would not renew. The more stem cells the body has, the faster and quicker the regeneration process. small green plant file is of a new plant growing through the soil
Like human stem cells, plant-derived stem cells have the ability to self-renew and replace specific plant cells in need of repair. Plant stem cell product development does very little damage to our environment. The harvesting of them does not destroy the host plant, instead, it protects endangered plants. Gardenia, edelweiss, aloe vera, apple, and sea fennel are among the most popular plants used for beauty products worldwide. Plant stem cells help with softening our skin, evening the skin tone, and ensuring the skin does not age. In addition, using natural treatments for our skin have proven to not only repair the skin pigment but to replace it all together.
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"POT OF GOLD - That's what this should actually be called! The night cream soothes and supports my skin when I sleep and I feel like I wake up younger - haha! It's like a fountain-of-youth in a jar!" - Kristi

The Alitura Night Cream happens to contain both Gardenia and Edelweiss stem cells. The combination of the two has made our Night Cream the perfect product for your anti-aging routine. Plant stem cells naturally self-renew and withstand considerable damage. They also stimulate cell turnover and the regeneration of dermal connective tissue, leading to more firm and youthful skin.

Benefits of Edelweiss:

• Protects from UV Radiation • Anti-Aging: Edelweiss is loaded with antioxidants which inhibit the oxidative stress from free radicals. Used topically, Edelweiss may be effective for preventing damage and even regenerating the tissues. girl holding Alitura skincare product• Anti-Inflammatory • Smoother Skin: Edelweiss stem cells contain a high amount of leontopodic acids A and B, which are strong antioxidants that also increase the production of hyaluronic acid, which prevents collagen degradation. This means younger, smoother and wrinkle-free skin.

Benefits of Gardenia:

• Increased Collagen Production • Better Cellular Function: Stem cells from Gardenia are found to improve the resynchronization and homeostasis of skin cells. This means the cells of the skin are more capable of performing functions like repair and regeneration. Have you tried any products with plant-derived stem cells? Tell us in the comments below! Natural path to perfect skin e-book cover

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