The Miracle Skin Benefits of Blue German Chamomile

The Miracle Skin Benefits of Blue German Chamomile

Blue German Chamomile, also known as Blue Tansy, is a small flowering plant spread throughout Europe and Asia, and one of the most deliciously sweet and aromatic flowers used in organic cosmetics. If you come across this perennial herb while checking the ingredients of your personal care products, you’re in luck! Blue German Chamomile is a power player when it comes to promoting skin health and longevity, making it a miracle ingredient for personal skincare.

The Benefits of Blue German Chamomile

Apart from smelling amazing, the Blue German Chamomile packs a potent medicinal punch and has been used since antiquity for its powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits. Science has even substantiated what ancient cultures have long known (see 2017 study here.)

While the chamomile plant’s uses vary, the oil of Blue German Chamomile is most often used in cosmetic and skincare products. Its gorgeous blue hues and sensational scent make it a perfect ingredient for topical products, and its therapeutic benefits are perfectly tailored to treat problematic skin:

  • Anti-inflammatory Benefits: Inflammation is our body’s built-in defense system. It’s activated to assist in the healing process, and is designed to subside after your body is back to normal. However, certain conditions can trigger long-term inflammation which contributes to unwanted skin challenges – blotchy redness, uneven tone, accelerated aging, and stubborn breakouts. The oil derived from Blue German Chamomile has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, which has far-ranging skin-health benefits
  • Antioxidant Benefits: “Oxidation” is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals. These unstable molecules are famous for their nefarious damaging of the cells in your body. When it comes to your skin, free radicals destroy cell membranes and render your skin vulnerable to aging and decay. The oil from Blue German Chamomile works to stop the oxidation process, inhibits the creation and spread of free radicals, and keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy.
  • Antibiotic Benefits: The human body is home to trillions of microorganisms. Some of the bacteria is good, and works to promote overall skin health, while other less helpful and sometimes dangerous bacteria work to do the opposite. The oil from Blue German Chamomile contains several compounds that give it a strong antibacterial profile – This helps to protect your skin against harmful bacterial agents.
  • Cytotoxic Benefits: “Cytotoxic” is a fancy word referring to anything that can be “toxic to living cells.” While “toxic” is typically something we want to stay far away from, when something is toxic in the right context, it can be of great benefit to the body. The oil of German Blue Chamomile has been shown to have a cytotoxic effect on abnormal cells, meaning it can help induce cell death to cells that do not belong on or in the body (example: cancer cells or tumors.) In fact, studies show that the bioactive constituent of Chamomile, known as apigenin, exerts tumor growth inhibition and has been shown as effective at fighting skin cancer.

Blue German Chamomile For Skin Allergies

In the country where the flower gets its name, Germans refer to the plant as “alles zutraut,” which means “capable of anything.” As mentioned above, the Blue German Chamomile helps fight a number of the root offenders responsible for many skin challenges. But – it’s capabilities don’t end there.

Blue German Chamomile Treats Dermatitis

Camphor, the bioactive compound in Blue German Chamomile, is capable of suppressing signaling molecules in the inflammation process. This strongly suggests that the flower’s anti-inflammatory range can be beneficial for treating certain allergic responses in the skin. In fact, the compounds in Blue German Chamomile provide remarkable improvement in dermatitis symptoms, including smaller lymph nodes, reduced thickness, decreased swelling, and of course, reduced levels of inflammation.

Interestingly, the anti-allergy impact of Blue German Chamomile was stronger than that of its mainstream counterpart – hydrocortisone cream. So not only can blue Blue German Chamomile help with the treatment of allergic inflammation like dermatitis, but it does so better than hydrocortisone, which can be quite damaging to long-term skin health.

Blue German Chamomile Treats Eczema

As a potent anti-inflammatory, it’s no surprise that Blue German Chamomile is effective in the treatment of eczema as well. Many people have found that application of the oil helps ease the symptoms of itchy, red, cracked, and rough skin. To boot, in one study, topical chamomile oil was found to be 60% as effective as hydrocortisone cream, making it a smart and natural choice for eczema.

The Bottom Line

Blue German Chamomile is so much more than a fragrant flower. Its oil delivers many protective effects to the skin, and its anti-inflammatory abilities make it a soothing and calming agent for many conditions that irritate the skin (including bug bits!)

Concurrently, the antibacterial attributes of Blue German Chamomile can help safeguard the skin from infection, while its antioxidants-stimulating properties make it great for all skin types – especially mature and aging skin.

You can reap these benefits of Blue German Chamomile by using our Alitura Night Cream, which features this amazing essential oil as one of its primary ingredients.

Consult our website today to learn more about the many benefits of Blue German Chamomile!

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