Dry Skin Brushing Benefits: Flawless Skin, Cellulite Reduction & More

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits: Flawless Skin, Cellulite Reduction & More

Natural dry skin brush on top of a towel Often our attention is focused on facial care routines and we somewhat disregard the rest of our body. It makes sense as the face is what is most visible to us and others. However, our faces are not necessarily separate from the rest of our bodies. From head to toe, the skin is one massive organ that has important responsibilities relating to our overall health and wellbeing. This dry brushing benefits guide shifts the focus away from the face and brings it to the rest of the skin. Dry skin brushing is a simple little hack that comes with a multitude of health and beauty benefits, ranging from reduced cellulite to detoxification support. The best part is you only need to spare 10 minutes a day to reap the benefits of dry skin brushing.

Why You Should Be Dry Skin Brushing

Some of the important responsibilities of our skin include detoxification, immune defense, and protection. Therefore, taking care of the skin as a whole is crucial for good health. In addition to protecting our internal organs, the skin also produces constituents that protect the body from infections. It is also responsible for producing vitamin D from sunlight. When the skin is congested with dead skin cells or the lymph is stagnant with toxins, these tasks aren't performed efficiently. It's no wonder why it is important to ensure we are supporting our skin in the act of optimal detoxification. We can do this by leading a natural, low-toxin lifestyle, but we can also physically help out by using a dry skin brush. This helps to eliminate toxins and dead skin cells. A woman dry skin brushing her back

The Top Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

You’d be surprised by the multitude of benefits that you get from just 10 minutes of dry brushing a day. Dry skin brushing not only helps exfoliate the skin, but it also stimulates the detoxification of the lymphatic system, which is the body’s internal sewage system and much of the immune system. 

Beyond these basic functions, the benefits of dry skin brushing can help improve our health in many other ways.
1. Lymphatic Detoxification
The lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products. Hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubules allow waste to be collected from your tissues and transported to your blood for elimination, a process referred to as lymphatic drainage. When your lymphatic system is not working properly, waste and toxins can build up and make you sick. Lymphatic congestion is a major factor leading to inflammation. In case you didn't know, 95% of diseases have roots in inflammation. Dry skin brushing stimulates your lymphatic system and helps it release toxins, therefore making it a powerful detoxification aid.

2. Skin Exfoliation
Dry skin brushing removes dead, dry skin. This helps to improve appearance, clear your clogged pores, and allows your skin to breathe.
3. Improved Circulation
Dry skin brushing is a great way to improve circulation, especially during times where you are not moving as much. Circulation is crucial for the elimination of wastes, helps deliver nutrients to skin cells, and carries hormones and neurotransmitters throughout the body. In short, healthy circulation effects and improves every area of our health. After all, the circulatory system is the river of life within the body. To learn just exactly how circulation affects everything from our physical beauty to our immune function, be sure to read this previous post.
4. Cellulite Reduction & Glowing Skin
One of the most favorable dry skin brushing benefits is that it can help improve the physical appearance of the skin, especially uneven skin tone and even cellulite.

 The science behind it is that by promoting circulation and lymph flow, dry skin brushing can potentially soften the fat deposits beneath the skin’s surface. That is where toxins store and accumulate, which end up pushing through the elastin and causing cellulite. Additionally, dry skin brushing improves overall detoxification, which helps eliminate toxins and free radicals that cause connective tissues to degenerate. Also, with improved circulation, the skin gets a more balanced and bright glow to it.
5. Stress Reduction
The simple process of dry skin brushing can be quite meditative. It allows us to slow down, stop thinking, and just be present with our bodies. In general, any activity that helps calm the mind will have positive health effects. This is a worthy benefit considering that stress is a major source of skin trouble.
6. Improve Digestive Function
Dry skin brushing can also improve digestion and the functioning of internal organs. Considering the fact that the digestive system also serves as a detoxification system, and that most organs have key roles in both digestion and detoxification, it makes sense that dry skin brushing helps improve these areas. This is because dry skin brushing is known to help stimulate the lymph nodes in purification, which can also take off the burden from key organs like the liver and kidneys. A guide to dry skin brushing

Choosing a Brush

The first step to dry skin brushing is getting a quality brush. Your best bet is to choose one with natural bristles, such as a boar bristle brush. You could also get something exceptional containing organic copper and zinc bristles, which have a positively charged molecular structure that will absorb into the skin and improve immunity. However, a basic natural bristle brush from your local health food store is a perfect start.

How to Dry Skin Brush

Ideally, you would want to be nude and not covered with visible dirt and grime. Brush before getting into the shower, and in the direction of the heart starting at the limbs. You can do long strokes upward toward the heart or work in small circles, as long as you are going from the limbs to the heart. You want to cover the entire body with the exception of the head. Start from the feet up to the hips, then the arms to the shoulders, and eventually doing your entire stomach, chest, and back. Be sure to cover both front and back of the body.

 You’ll want to use light pressure when you first start off with a new brush. It may feel a little intense, but as your skin builds up resilience, you‘ll be able to go harder. Over time, your skin will build more elastin and collagen, providing a thicker feel and improved appearance. Lastly, for the best results, make skin brushing a daily routine. It is ideal to dry brush twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. Once you get the hang of it, it won’t take more than 5 minutes. To enhance the benefits, follow your session with a quality organic body lotion to help rehydrate the skin cells and encourage moisture balance. body lotion guide

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