The Microneedle Derma Roller
The Microneedle Derma Roller

The Microneedle Derma Roller

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The 600 Titanium Microneedle Alitura Derma Roller is the leading-edge tool for supple, flawless skin. Regular use can help boost collagen production, reduce the visibility of scarring and premature skin aging, reduce the appearance of large pores, and diminish the appearance of dark circles. Derma rolling after cleansing can also increase the absorption of your favorite serums and moisturizers.

We recommend choosing a size based on your experience with derma rolling:

》.25 mm – Beginner
》.5 mm – Intermediate
》1 mm – Advanced

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Derma Rolling can intentionally stimulate the healing process, which arouses skin cell regeneration and regrowth. It works on everything from acne, to severe skin scars that are already riddled with calcification and fibrosis. There are likely two mechanisms responsible for this:

Calcification Regulation – One of the major benefits of Derma Rolling, and why I got into it, is its profound ability to heal scars. By intentionally inflicting micro-wounds to the skin, the process of calcification (scar tissue) is downregulated. Derma Rolling turns down what are known as “calcification inducers”, while increasing Growth Factor Beta 1 & 2, and also up-regulating calcification inhibitors. Together, this inhibits the further production of scar tissue, reverses it and promotes future healing. This is fantastic news for anyone with scarring issues, be it acne scarring or worse.

Angiogenesis – Also known as the formation of new blood vessels and capillary networks that provide oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells; derma rolling aids in this process. This is hugely beneficial to the skin, considering that most aging issues of the skin (wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging) are caused by decreased oxygen and blood flow to the skin cells. But Derma Rolling reverses this process, helping the body produce new blood vessels, and providing starving skin cells with more blood, oxygen, and nutrients.

With these primary actions, Derma Rollers are scientifically proven to: Increase absorption of nutrients from your favorite skincare products – as you Derma Roll, blood circulation to the capillaries in your skin dramatically increases. Therefore, any moisturizers, serums, or masks you use will work even better as the nutrients in them are driven to your skin cells.

We recommend choosing a size based on your experience with derma rolling:

》.25 mm – Beginner
》.5 mm – Intermediate
》1 mm – Advanced

Our CE Certified titanium needles are not coated with a cylindrical shape and are aligned in straight rows. Eliminate scar tissue, stretch marks, cellulite, and minimize pores – along with any other inflammatory issues of the skin, acne, and other blemishes.

Before use, make sure your roller is disinfected using alcohol or a roller sterilizer. After thoroughly cleansing skin with The Alitura Pearl Cleanser, Roll back and forth at the same intensity with light to medium pressure on the treatment area 5-10 times in each of the four directions - horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in criss-cross motions on your forehead, cheeks, chin, jaw, neck, and chest. Following treatment, apply the Alitura Gold Serum and Alitura Organic moisturizer.

We recommend using the Derma Roller 1-3 times per week.

We recommend replacing any Derma Roller used on the face after around 15-20 uses.

Caution: Do not share roller with anyone. Do not use roller if you have any of the following conditions: irritated or infected skin, active acne, rosacea, eczema, raised moles or warts, psoriasis, or keratosis. If you are not sure about using roller, consult a doctor or specialist before use. If there is any skin sensitivity, stop using roller and consult a specialist. Store roller in the supplied box for maximum hygiene and safety after use. Keep out of reach of children.

Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure, or prevent disease. If you have a pre-existing skin condition, please consult a physician prior to use.

Bottled In Miron Glass: “Preserved by the bottle not by Toxins”. This durable, non-toxic, specialty glass is sourced in the Netherlands and only allows infrared and violet lights through, which enhances the effects of the product.

This works to both naturally preserve our skincare and enhance the effectiveness of our products without the need for common toxic preservatives. The Alitura Clay Mask is the only exception to this as it is housed in a BPA-Free plastic jar.

Real Skin

Ultimately our success story is made from yours. We love this stuff, keep sharing your experience with Alitura products with us. Real skin results from real people.

"They do everything and more than all of my other products combined without ever stressing my skin out. I haven't had a breakout since starting with Alitura (which were a weekly occurrence before); do yourself the best favor and just get this."

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Davina SVG verified by SHOP
United StatesUnited States

Works great

I recommend this product

Clay mask and derma roller

Amazing products! You can actually feel them working and the customer service is great!

A Alitura Customer
deb SVG verified by SHOP
United StatesUnited States

Love this. Highly recommend

Smoke w.
United StatesUnited States
I recommend this product

Nice quality product

United StatesUnited States
I recommend this product

The Derma Roller elevates the absorption of these AMAZING products!

I was hesitant to try the derma roller but I am glad I did! I got great results from using Alitura products alone, but once I got the derma roller involved in my regimen, my results got even better! Talk about maximum absorption! Seeing great results! Just make sure you sanitize your derma roller properly with rubbing alcohol before and after use and you're good to go!

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