4 Ayurvedic Herbs for Beautiful Skin

4 Ayurvedic Herbs for Beautiful Skin

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The cosmetic industry is full of "miracle" skincare products that promise to solve any and all skin problems. However, many of these products, despite their claims, can actually be quite counter-productive. Many even contain a variety of known toxic ingredients. Fortunately, nature has provided us with healthy, non-toxic alternatives to these harmful, synthetic products for centuries. Looking at the wisdom and science of Ancient Indian Medicine, known as Ayurveda, we discover a handful of powerful, beautifying herbal powerhouses.

These particular herbs provide science-backed physiological effects that can protect our skin from disease while promoting youthful and natural skin radiance. Here are our top 4 Ayurvedic herbs for beautiful skin.

Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs for Beautiful Skin

Aloe Vera

This wonder Ayurvedic herb has too many benefits to mention in one bullet point. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and various healing properties. As a beauty tonic, it is known to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and decrease facial wrinkles. It also increases elasticity and collagen production, which is why we use it in the Alitura Moisturizer.

Aloe vera is rich in beneficial compounds like anthraquinones, glucomannans/polymannose, mucopolysaccharides, acemannan, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. It also contains plant hormones like auxins and gibberellins.

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Aloe vera protects the skin from inflammation by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase pathway and reduces prostaglandin E2 production from arachidonic acid. The mucopolysaccharides help to deeply moisturize the skin. Aloe also has cohesive effects on the epidermal cells by helping them stick together. The amino acids in aloe vera soften hardened skin cells and the zinc content acts as an astringent to tighten pores. Applied to the skin, studies have found that its moisturizing effects can treat dry skin and improve the skin integrity, and even inhibit acne.

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In Ayurvedic herbal medicine, the roots of Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera are commonly used for a variety of medical and clinical purposes. This powerful botanical possesses numerous therapeutic, physiological actions including anti-inflammatory, sedative, hypnotic and narcotic effects. We actually feature it in our Alitura Revitalize formula, which is a great source of adaptogenic super herbs that support both the mind and body.

Quality extracts from this plant also have potent anticancer properties, especially for skin cancer. In one particular study, its root extract was found to demonstrate a cytotoxic effect on human malignant melanoma A375 cells. In other words, an extract of Ashwagandha provides a safe and effective way to kill cancer cells.

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Another Ayurvedic herb featured in our Alitura Revitalize formula, turmeric is known for treating many skin-related disorders. In the Indian culture, a paste of turmeric and fresh milk is routinely applied to the face before to marriage to beautify the skin. However, this is more than folk medicine, turmeric (Curcuma longa) is clinically proven to exhibit anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-neoplastic properties.

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There is growing evidence on the dermatological benefits of the active component of turmeric, curcumin. It may be used medically to treat a variety of dermatologic diseases. In a study, topical and ingested turmeric/curcumin is capable of positively modulating the skin health and function. There are 234 scientific articles that validate the effects turmeric has on various skin conditions including its ability to help reduce acne, alopecia, atopic dermatitis, facial photoaging, oral lichen planus, pruritus, psoriasis, radiodermatitis, and vitiligo.

In essence, turmeric covers some of the major culprits of skin aging, from fighting inflammation to bacterial and fungal infections, making it one of the most effective herbs for treating skin conditions and improving skin health.

sandalwood benefits


The oil of sandalwood (Santalum album L) has been traditionally used in India as a medicinal Ayurvedic herb for the treatment of inflammatory and eruptive skin diseases. This fragrant herb can treat inflammation and bacterial related skin disorders while also acting as a delightful perfume. One study shows that it exerts cytotoxic and chemo-preventive effects, making it a novel agent against skin cancer.

Sandalwood is without a doubt one of our favorite essential oils here at Alitura and we use it in our Moisturizer, Body Lotion, Gold Serum, Pearl Cleanser, and our fragrance 'Presence'. If you're interested in learning more about its amazing benefits, check out our previous blog post on sandalwood here.

In conclusion, healthy and glowing skin is difficult to achieve by using toxic commercial products. However, ancient Ayurvedic herbal medicine provides some science-backed, natural methods for healthy skin care. Have you used any of these Ayurvedic herbs before? Natural path to perfect skin e-book cover

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