How to increase natural killer cells

How to increase natural killer cells

Now that we’ve established the importance of natural killer cells to the immune system, let’s discuss some natural ways to support their production. 

You can enhance natural cell function in a variety of ways. Here are just a few methods proven to support the production and activity of natural killer cells:

  • Gynostemma: This potent herb also goes by the name of “Jiaogulan” and is sometimes referred to as “Miracle Grass” or the "Immortality herb.” Until recently, Gynostemma was primarily utilized by cultures in southern China and northern Vietnam where regular consumption is believed to promote unusual longevity. In the western world, Gynostemma is often used to lower stress hormones, but studies have shown that Gynostemma extract can also boost the activity and strength of natural killer cells. That’s one of the many reasons why we used it to formulate our Alitura Naturals Revitalize Supplement.
  • Vitamin E: An effective way to improve natural killer cell activity is to block the inhibitory pathways and negative regulators of natural killer cell activation. There is one particular pathway, known as SHIP1, which is known to inhibit NK cell responses. Studies show that short-term inhibition of SHIP1 promotes increased responsiveness of natural killer cells. Supplementing with vitamin E can suppress SHIP-1 and exert an anti-tumor and anti-cancer effect by supporting the natural killer cell response. [3]
  • Zinc: Studies show that even a mild deficiency of zinc in males can decrease testosterone levels and shrink muscle mass, but it can diminish natural killer cell activity, and greatly disrupt overall immune function. To boot, stress and infection can all increase your body’s demand for zinc. 10-15 mg per is the suggested amount to maintain normal health, and zinc levels can be boosted via supplementation, or through eating foods high in zinc such as beef, liver, and oysters. [4]

In Conclusion

So, what are natural killer cells? In short, they are your body’s natural defense system against infection and disease. Low natural killer cells can result in an increased risk of illness. Moreover, low NK cell levels can make it harder for your body to fight viral infection and other diseases. 

Thankfully, you have help when it comes to boosting your body’s natural NK cell strength and activity, through smart supplementation with Gynostemma (which can be found in our Alitura Naturals Revitalize Supplement, Vitamin E, and Zinc. 

If you’d like to learn more about strengthening your immune system naturally with Alitura Naturals Revitalize Supplement, contact the experts at Alitura today!

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