Dry Skin Brushing Benefits: Flawless Skin, Cellulite Reduction & More
Often our attention is focused on facial care routines and we somewhat disregard the rest of our body. It makes sense as the face is what is most visible to us and others. However, our faces are not necessarily separate from the rest of our bodies. From head to toe, the skin is one massive organ that has important responsibilities relating to our overall health and wellbeing. This dry brushing benefits guide shifts the focus away from the face and brings it to the rest of the skin. Dry skin brushing is a simple little hack that comes with a multitude of health and beauty benefits, ranging from reduced cellulite to detoxification support. The best part is you only need to spare 10 minutes a day to reap the benefits of dry skin brushing.
What are Copper Peptides & How Do They Help Our Skin?
Copper has two key beneficial properties for improving the well-being of the skin. One is biocidal properties. Also, copper as a mineral is involved in many physiological and metabolic processes that are essential for the appropriate functioning of all the bodily tissues including the skin.
Harmful Ingredients to Avoid For Glowing Skin
Despite appealing packaging and clever marketing tactics, most “beauty” products today are actually far more harmful than they are helpful. In this blog post, we will guide you through the most harmful ingredients to avoid for glowing skin. There is significant scientific evidence unrolling all the time about the dangers of the synthetic ingredients found in commercial facial cleansers, lotions, sunscreens, shampoo, perfumes, and more. Industry standard ingredients have been linked to everything from skin irritation to cancer. What’s more, the skin is a direct line to the liver, so everything you are putting in your skin is going to end up right in the bloodstream. If you’re spending your hard earned money on cosmetics and self-care products, the last thing you want is a product full of known carcinogens.
The Anti-Aging Powers of Plant-Derived Vitamin A
The connection between our internal health and skin is undeniable. There is something obvious, yet profound that affects the health of our internal organs, glands and systems on a consistent basis – our diets. The effect of certain nutrients on skin aging has been an interesting field of study, from ancient times to modern times. Considering the matrix of the skin, our diets can be a source of regenerative fuel for healthy, youthful skin. Regardless of the skin issues or concerns you have, one particular nutrient you will come across in your study is Vitamin A. This antioxidant vitamin plays a major role in the health of your skin. Everything from acne, wrinkles, brown spots, hyper-pigmentation, to large pores can all be treated with the proper use of Vitamin A and with amazing results. 
The Harmful Beauty Effects of Estrogen
In an earlier post, we talked all about the damaging effects of stress hormone cortisol. In this post, we will focus on the harmful beauty effects of estrogen, another stress hormone.
Healing Rosacea Naturally
Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that affects up to 10% of the population. It is characterized by a reddish rash on the face and chest, more commonly affecting women. While rosacea generally develops a little bit later in life—in someone’s 30s-40s—rosacea is becoming increasingly prevalent in younger generations, developing as early as the teenage years.[
Reverse Scar Tissue: Healing Scars Naturally
Acne and skin blemishes are irritating enough, mentally and physically. The last thing anyone wants is those pestering acne blemishes to turn into difficult to cure scars. When it comes to skin scarring, prevention is king; however, not everyone is fortunate enough to avoid facial scars, be it from acne or other physical traumas. The good news? Scars can be treated. Best of all, the abolishment of scars can be achieved entirely naturally too. 
Ancient Chinese Beauty Secrets for Glowing Skin
Natural skincare is a growing industry in America, but for many other cultures, natural health and beauty have always been the standard. This is particularly true for the people of the Orient. The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in particular,...
Alcohol & Skin Health: Is Drinking Aging Your Skin?
Most of us are aware of the negative effects that chronic alcohol consumption can have on our health. Countless studies have verified that regular drinking is associated with a range of health problems including liver and pancreas diseases, hepatic encephalopathy,...
How to Stop Wrinkles at the Cause
The general culprit of wrinkles is often thought to be sun damage. However, while excessive sun exposure, to the point of burning, can play a role in the formation of wrinkles, there is a cause overlooked. Not many people are aware of the fact that sugar actually ages the skin much faster than the Sun, especially when you consider the anti-aging and beauty benefits of healthy sun exposure. Yes, that’s right, a diet rich in sugar (even the healthy stuff) can lead to the formation of wrinkles. This occurs through a process known as glycation, where sugar binds to proteins in the skin, causing the formation of new molecules known ironically as AGEs or Advanced Glycation End-Products.
5 Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun
The sun’s warm rays are a magical source of healing and beauty. The right amount can energize you on a cellular level, give your skin a beautiful golden tone, ward off bacteria and improve a wide variety of skin issues....
The Secret to Combating Dry Winter Skin
Winter is a time of year where glowing summer skin tends to become dry, dull and lackluster. Usually, dry skin occurs when the skin tissue doesn’t retain enough moisture, which can be caused by various factors, including the use of...
Hacks for Reducing Skin Inflammation: Rashes, Allergies & Dermatitis
Imagine investing generous amounts of money and time caring for your skin only for it to breakout in an unsightly rash - for skin enthusiasts like us, nothing is quite as aggravating as this. Fortunately, skin allergies can be controlled and, through understanding how to do so, a new level of skin wellness can be achieved.
How to Reduce Age Spots Naturally
Lipofuscin is the technical term for “age spots” or “liver spots”. Here we explore how to reduce age spots naturally. Age spots or lipofuscin is a typically brown pigment that tends to come with aging. According to researchers, lipofuscin has...
Ashwagandha Benefits for Women
Ashwagandha has a wide reputation in the world of herbal medicine as a potent adaptogen. Traditionally, ashwagandha has been used to improve energy, stamina, resistance to stress, libido, immunity and more. Today, research on ashwagandha’s broad-range medicinal effects has given it modern recognition. 
Holistic Tips for Younger, Healthier Skin
Alitura's Scar Healing Protocol