Growing Younger with Plant Stem Cells: Edelweiss & Gardenia Stem Cells

Growing Younger with Plant Stem Cells: Edelweiss & Gardenia Stem Cells

plant stem cell For years now, new technologies and scientific research have brought forth the most incredible healing abilities Mother Nature has to offer. The growing innovations have led to an increase in breakthrough anti-aging and beauty products. One of the most recent and profound findings in natural, anti-aging remedies, is the discovery of Plant Stem Cells.

What are Plant Stem Cells?

In the most basic sense, plant stem cells are literally extracted stem cells of plants. Moreover, a stem cell is postulated to be responsible for the renewal and regeneration of tissues (cells create tissues, tissues create organs, and organs create organisms). Stem cells in both plant and animals are responsible for the proliferation of growth factors like IGF1, which decrease with the age. Because of their regenerative abilities, stem cells are some of the most important in the body, without them, our cells would not renew. The more stem cells the body has, the faster and quicker the regeneration process. There are a few reasons why plant stem cells are used over animal stem cells, mostly regarding ethics. One other advantage to plant stem cells is that plant stem cells provide cells for complete organs, meaning they grow the whole organisms. However, animal stem cells are restricted to just one type of tissue. Additionally, stem cells from robust, healthy, long-living plants (like a tree), can remain active for hundreds of years.

Plant Stem Cells Benefits for the Skin

There are a variety of different plant stem cells being used on the market today, including apple stem cells, argan, edelweiss, gardenia and more. Research on plant stem cells suggest that they are capable of providing the following benefits to the skin: • Stimulates regeneration of dermal connective tissue, increasing skin thickness • Firms the skin • Reduces wrinkle depth, especially around the eyes Looking at the impressive benefits of specific stem cells, first, we have....


edelweiss This beautiful flower of the Alpine region, is traditionally known to have many therapeutic benefits. This particular botanical has been used as traditional medicine in treating stomach issues, respiratory problems and more. It is also very beneficial to the skin with the following benefits: • Protects from UV Radiation: While moderate sun exposure is incredibly healthy and healing to the skin, too much of it can potentially burn and damage the skin. If you do not have a strong base tan then you want to avoid too much sun as it can lead to sunburn, which may cause wrinkling, freckling, and inflammation. While limiting sun exposure and working your way up slowly, Edelweiss stem cells can also help. They contain a high concentration of flavonoids and phenolic acid that inhibit UV induced damage. These constituents are what protect the flower from becoming burned and damaged from constant sun exposure in high altitudes. Best of all, it’s non-toxic, unlike most commercial sunblock. • Anti-Aging: Edelweiss is loaded with antioxidants which inhibit the oxidative stress from free radicals. Oxidative stress is at the root of aging, a byproduct of reactive oxidative species, poor metabolism and chronic stress. Used topically, Edelweiss may be effective for preventing damage and even regenerating the tissues. • Anti-Inflammatory: A few constituents in Edelweiss, Bisabolol, tricyclic sesquiterpenes, coumarins, and lignans have strong anti-inflammatory abilities. Inflammation is the byproduct of biological stress, which can lead to fibrosis, scar tissue, acne and essentially every skin disease. Protecting the skin from inflammation is a must for maintaining healthy skin and edelweiss can help. • Smoother Skin: Edelweiss stem cells contain a high amount of leontopodic acids A and B, which are strong antioxidants that also increase the production of hyaluronic acid, which prevents collagen degradation. This means younger, smoother and wrinkle-free skin. Another powerful plant-source of stem cells come from the...

Gardenia plant

gardenia Gardenia is an evergreen shrub from the tropics that thrives in humid and sunny climates. It contains compounds that keep itself protected from its somewhat unfavorable climate. The stem cells extracted from Gardenia stem cells have been shown to improve the health of the skin in a few ways: • Increased Collagen Production: In on study, Gardenia stem cells were shown to upregulate the synthesis of collagen. Not just that, it also inhibited the production of the enzyme MMP-1, the enzyme responsible for the decline of collagen within the skin. • Better Cellular Function: Stem cells from Gardenia are found to improve the resynchronization and homeostasis of skin cells. This means the cells of the skin are more capable of performing functions like repair and regeneration.

In Conclusion

Perhaps the best way to understand the science behind plant stem cells is to understand a little bit about the importance of cells. At basic, all organisms are made up of cells. When something goes wrong with the organism, essentially, something is going wrong with the cell. Vice versa, when the organism is healthy, the cells are healthy. So, as precursors to all cells, plant stem cells make up the organism. They contain the properties that are responsible for a plant's everlasting beauty. Plants never really “age” but rather, go through cycles and seasons, always returning and regenerating with full beauty and bloom. The Alitura Night Cream harnesses the power of both Edelweiss and Gardenia stem cells. Along with the other amazing ingredients, these stem cells help separate the Alitura Night Cream from the other brands. We welcome you to try it! night cream

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