The Most Effective Facial Routine

The Most Effective Facial Routine

Struggling to find a new activity to bond over with your friends and family? Founder and CEO of Alitura, Andy Hnilo, has your back. He has created a facial routine that is great for the ladies and can be a simple extension to a man’s shaving routine. It will get you hooked! This non-toxic, all-natural routine replicates a day at the spa. Not only is this fun for everyone, but it is also beneficial for your body. Make this a bonding activity that you guys can do together. 

Warm Rinse

I start off by giving my face a warm rinse to open the pores. This helps to get The Alitura Pearl Cleanser deeply absorbed. I then pump a dime-size amount of the Pearl Cleanser into my hands and gently massage it into my face in a circular upwards motion. After rinsing the cleanser off, I’m ready to apply The Alitura Derma Roller. 

Derma Rolling

I then roll The Alitura Derma Roller all over the entire face and neck area (avoiding the delicate eye area). I like to divide the face into sections: each cheek, forehead, chin/jaw, and neck. Applying light to medium pressure, roll the device upwards and sideways by creating small x and + movements in order to create an optimal entryway for the Clay Mask. This provides the best absorption of the product’s rich minerals and micronutrients. I usually do this for about five minutes, and I love this part because it feels like my skin is breathing. I have found that using the Derma Roller helps create a brightened complexion. I also believe it helped to accelerate the healing of my abrasions and mitigate the appearance of scarring I had after an accident I was in years ago. 

Clay Mask

In a non-metallic bowl, mix about one and a half tablespoons of The Alitura Clay Mask powder with equal parts water or apple cider vinegar. I recommend using water for your first few treatments and working your way up to the apple cider vinegar. This allows your skin time to adapt to the treatment. The goal is to create a toothpaste-like consistency with the mix. (Feel free to add essential oils to the mix for a little aromatherapy and skin healing as well. My personal favorites are lemongrass, clary sage, ylang-ylang, and sweet orange.)

I apply the mask in an upward, circular motion until my entire face and neck are covered. Don’t be afraid to get it in your hair, as I have noticed it adds texture and thickness to the follicles. Let the Clay Mask dry completely (usually around 20 to 30 minutes). This allows for complete blood vessel constriction by dramatically increasing microcirculation to the surface of the skin. It also helps reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles and reduces congestion around the eye, nasal and T-zone area, while leaving the skin silky smooth and supple. I then get into the shower and rinse the Clay Mask off with warm water, finishing with a final rinse of cold water to close delicate pores. 


After completely rinsing the Clay Mask off, apply a few pumps of the The Alitura Gold Serum and fresh Aloe Vera plant to shave with. This allows for the perfect razor glide — it really feels like the razor is wiping hair follicles off your face. 

Cold Rinse

I then finish with a cold water rinse to close my pores, applying a few pumps of the Gold Serum to hydrate and condition the skin.

The routine is simple, effective, and consistent. Get all of the products mentioned here with the Alitura At-Home Facial Kit. I do this skincare routine three times per week and is my favorite way to start off the day. Creating this good energy first thing in the morning leads to a ripple effect in all the personal connections I make throughout the day. This can be a great bonding activity with your family, friends, and loved ones. Get ready for greatness!

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