Andy Hnilo's Guide to a Clean Shave

Andy Hnilo's Guide to a Clean Shave

There’s nothing better than a great shave. Through a lot of trial and error as well as dealing with ingrown hairs, Andy Hnilo has fine-tuned the perfect shaving routine over the years. With this consistent and effective routine, you’ll be waving razor burns, ingrown hairs, and irritation good-bye for good!

Use a Derma Roller.

Start with an Alitura Derma Roller treatment to get your blood flowing and open your skin for maximized absorption on the next steps. Derma rolling is one of the beauty industry’s best-kept secrets and some of its benefits include healing scars, preventing premature skin aging, and balancing skin tone. To learn more about the benefits and treatment itself, read our complete guide on derma rolling here.


Do an Alitura Clay Mask before shaving to help remove dead skin and lift the tiny hairs. This allows for a clean stroke from the razor. Rinse it off with hot water to open up the pores.

Apply Shaving Serum.

From Co Q10 to Copper Tripeptide, the Alitura Gold Serum is a unique formula loaded with active ingredients. It’s an anti-aging, rejuvenating serum that doubles as a nourishing shaving serum. That said, instead of using typical toxic, drying shaving cream, try pairing fresh aloe vera as a base topped with a few pumps of the Alitura Gold Serum. The surface lubrication from the raw aloe plant allows the razor to glide through effortlessly. And the Gold Serum’s healing properties effectively provide nourishment, which is especially great for sensitive skin.

Use the Right Razor.

The most important part is the razor. Learned through years of fine-tuning the routine, it’s clear that razors with multiple blades directly on the skin are a recipe for irritation. For the best shaving experience, you’ll want to get your hands on a double-edged razor.

Double-edged razors are superior for a simple fact: they provide the closest possible shave without the harsh environmental plastic waste that is so common in most disposable razors. Lighter pressure on the skin results in a lower risk of shaving wounds (skin nicks), irritation (razor burn), and ingrown hairs.

As a double-edged safety razor, the Alitura Razor is a go-to for anyone looking to get a close shave. The safety guard allows the blade to comfortably wipe the hairs right off without touching the skin directly, which is the main cause of irritation.

Finally, finish with a cold water rinse to close the pores. Pat dry and re-moisturize with the Gold Serum or Moisturizer.

All done!

Do you have any good natural shaving tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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