What to Look for In a Quality Body Lotion - Clean and Green

What to Look for In a Quality Body Lotion - Clean and Green

best body lotion The Fall season is approaching, which means the potential for slowed metabolic rates and therefore dry, flaky skin. However, this doesn’t have to be your destiny. Dry skin is often a result of sluggish thyroid function (more common during the winter), which is caused by many things, but severely affected by a high toxic load. Of the many sources of toxicity in our environment today, the common drugstore is one of them. This Fall many people will likely head to the drugstore and browse the aisle filled with commercial body lotions in hopes to sooth their dry, chapped skin. However, these exact “solutions” are a source of the problem. They contain harmful toxins like parabens and phythlates that are known to slow the thyroid. toxic skincare So one of the best things you can do to keep your skin hydrated and healthy this Fall is to nourish your thyroid! You can achieve this by keeping a healthy liver and a low overall toxic load, by selecting high quality skin products. Best of all, there is an abundance of natural substances that nature provides which support the lipid barrier of the skin, nourish the cell membranes and prevent external damage.

What to Look for in a Quality Body Lotion?

Below we will go over the finest ingredients nature has to offer to sooth and moisturize your skin. Before we dive in, as we say so often, a good rule of thumb when reading skincare labels is to look for natural ingredients that you know you can eat. This will ensure a product that is biochemical match to your body, avoiding potential allergic responses and inflammation. From there, here are some of the most effective natural ingredients you should keep your eye out for when selecting the best body lotion this fall and winter: • Olive Oil: In addition to be delicious, olive oil contains anti-inflammatory agents, like oleocanthal, and moisturizing fatty acids, that when in their unrefined, raw state help soothe the skin cell membranes. Olive oil is also uniquely rich in vitamin E, a nutrient that is hard to get unless consuming plant oils, which unfortunately oxidizes easily. However, olive oi provides a rich source of it, and its beneficially to the metabolism, thyroid and therefore skin by promoting true biological energy via mitochondrial respiration. And yes, you can get the benefits by applying it to the skin as a transdermal! olive oilBeeswax: Bee products are some of the most magnificent substances on Earth. All products from the divine bee is healthy to the body and skin. However, beeswax applied to the skin helps provide an additional protective barrier for the skin – we like to call it the “second skin”. This serves not only to keep harmful substances out, but to also keep in moisture, which will prevent dryness. And unlike petroleum based products, beeswax won’t clog the skin pores. Beeswax is a humectant, which means it helps to attract water, keeping your skin cells hydrated. Additionally, beeswax contains vitamin A, an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from oxidative damage. Last but not least, beeswax has a very pleasant honey-like fragrance! beeswaxRosehips Oil: Another true wonder substance for the skin, rose hips oil helps prevent skin aging, promotes skin regeneration, reduces age spots, scaring and acne. It is very high in vitamin C, which helps promote collagen production in the skin but also protect the skin on a cellular level from degeneration. It also contains antioxidants vitamin A and essential fatty acids that help promote healthy skin pigment. And it probably goes without saying that rose hips oil smells wonderful. rosehips oilAcai Butter: As a very unique berry that contains essential omega 3 fats and protein, acai is a treat to find in a skin care product. The Acai berry is one of the richest sources of antioxidants on the planet. It is also a unique source of anthocyanin, the antioxidant that gives the berry its beautiful hue while helping to repair damaged cells and promote the growth of new and healthy cells. acai butter

To Conclude

These are just a handful of some very therapeutic and healing ingredients for the skin. Essentially, if it comes from nature as opposed to a lab, it’s likely a much safer product. However, these ingredients are truly exceptional offerings from Mother Earth, and there are many others to look out for. body lotion guide Our Alitura Body Lotion contains all the above ingredients and more. We invite you to try it and experience the many benefits including age defiance and skin wellness. Alitura Body Lotion acts as your “second skin”, providing moisture that lasts while deeply protecting from harsh environmental pollutants that can age and damage skin.

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