Why You Should Be Able to Eat Your Skincare Products

Why You Should Be Able to Eat Your Skincare Products

One of the golden rules to holistic skin care is “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” So just as you would carefully select your food, you might also consider doing the same for your skincare products.

The reason for favoring natural skincare is simple: the skin is a rather direct line to the bloodstream. In essence, any substance that comes into contact with the skin is to a degree absorbed into the body. Everything in the external environment that your body is interacting with has to be managed by the skin’s microbiome.
Why Choose Natural Skincare Products
Although the skin works as a detoxification system and has its own immune system, it is still vulnerable to the environment. Your skin only protects you from the environment to a degree. And while you won't most likely die of chemical poisoning if your skin is in contact with synthetics, you may have a negative reaction and experience ill symptoms. So, as with any other area of the body, if the skin is overburdened with toxins, it can lead to problems. These problems might include allergies, rashes, or burns. In worst cases, diseases of the skin can arise as well as toxicity in the blood, causing a variety of biological imbalances in the body.
The Root of Healthy Skin
The skin is an organ that is connected to every other organ and every biological system. At basic, healthy skin is the result of clean, healthy blood, which is provided by the spleen, liver, and lungs. The spleen helps nourish the blood by providing nutrients, the liver cleanses the blood, and the lungs distribute the blood and its nutrients throughout the body to the skin. 

If these organs are damaged it can result in a sluggish metabolic rate, which in turn leads to a buildup of waste products. This inevitably leads to malnourished skin, which is the cause of every skin problem known to man.
The Problem with Skincare Products Today
There are numerous things wrong with commercial skincare products these days. We have an entire eBook that covers the topic in full. In short, commercial skin care products are unnatural and tend to carry a massive toxic load. This toxic content causes inflammation on the skin directly and enters the bloodstream, wreaking the very organs responsible for creating healthy skin. jordan stone alitura body lotion
Why You Should be Able to Eat Your Skin Care Products
The body is very intelligent. It has many systems that belong to the enteric nervous system, which is what handles things that we rarely are conscious of like breathing, delivering energy and eating. Out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of built-in biological balancing mechanisms of the body, our taste is one of the most common we experience. For hundreds of thousands of years, we have learned to tell the taste differences between what is “food” and what is potentially deadly, toxic or poisonous. Generally speaking, if something is good for the body, it usually tastes good. Toxic substances, on the other hand, have highly bitter tasting tannins or other off-putting aromas to help notify us. Over time, we’ve lost touch with this experience simply because we haven't needed it the same way we once did. Keep in mind, there are grey areas to this concept. Considering the fact that there are many harmful foods masked with refined sugar and chemicals to make the taste better, it is wise to not take this as an absolute solution. For the most part, food is selected and predetermined for us as healthy and safe, then placed on shelves for consumption. However, this isn’t true for many other products on the market. As mentioned, most personal care products are actually highly toxic.
Natural Skincare Products That You Can Eat
The concept of being able to “eat” the products you put on your skin might very well be a very helpful way to determine if it’s safe for your body or not. If you recognize the ingredients in your products and are aware of their existence in the natural world, you’re likely safe. The take away is to make sure that whatever you’re using to wash and nourish your skin is in some form a “food for your skin". For tons of tips on selecting optimal, non-toxic skin care products, be sure to download our free eBook and read previous articles! Would you dare to taste your skincare products? Let us know in the comments section!

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