Science-Backed Anti-Aging Foods & Herbs for Youthful Skin
Although wrinkles are part of a natural and normal aging—and certainly should not make one feel less of themselves—wrinkly skin, nevertheless, is undesirable for most. Some may consider wrinkles a sign of strength and endurance, but most consider them aesthetically displeasing. For the latter group, there is hope for renewed skin. You see, the pathology of aging may be objective, but the rate of aging is very subjective. Meaning, our actions—specifically sleep habits, activity levels, stress, and of course nutritional habits—all affect the quality and rate of how we age. In fact, there is clinical research and scientific evidence that indicates the ability to delay aging and even reverse skin conditions through proper nutrition. The various nutrients in our foods can help with everything from wrinkles and sagging skin to pigmentation issues and more.
Andy Hnilo’s Revitalizing Herbal Tonic
Here it is... My incredibly potent Morning Tonic! (All herbs are Jing Herbs and Starwest Botanicals. All amino acids are Disclaimer: I recommend getting a full spectrum blood test done at least once a year and basing your own tonic on your inflammation markers and thyroid health. This is what I do, but all of us are different. I have noticed a consistent source of energy through this tonic that sustains throughout the day. I built this based on the chinese philosophy of strengthening our system by building better blood and circulation through adaptogenic and ayurvedic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. I combine amino acids to assist in circulating this vital nutrients from head to toe. I have notice a strengthenes immmne system, quick workout recovery, unbelievable vasodilation (circulation), stamina and sharper cognitive function.
Andy Hnilo's Summer Workout
My favorite way to work out: pop a couple revitalize in the middle of an intermittent fast, after some Bulletproof Coffee. You don't necessarily need a gym to get the best workout of your life.
Alitura Attends Paleo(fx) 2017 in Austin Texas
This year's Paleo(fx) convention was awesome! We set up our booth showcasing some of our newest products including our Alitura Derma Roller and Body Lotion. The Derma Roller was one of the most exciting products of the convention as one intrigued customer after another dropped by to learn of their benefits and how to use them. Check out our blog post and learn everything you need to know about Derma Rolling by clicking here. There were so many great companies in attendance this year, and when it was all over I was filled with inspiration and gratitude.
The Alitura Derma Roller Is Back In Stock
During our initial launch of the Alitura Derma Roller, we received so many orders of this revolutionary product that it was back ordered. We are excited to let you know you that the Derma Roller is back in stock in all 3 sizes: 1mm, .5mm, and .25mm!
Smile Train Partnership!
It's hard to describe the feeling of being a corporate partner of Smile Train. I am so happy to be donating a percentage of every sale back to their sustainable model of helping those with cleft lip. I don't touch on it too often, but dealing with a different appearance after my accident is still a mental struggle for me at times, but I am so fortunate just to be here to handle it! Here's a snippet of a video we shot during our meeting. I had tears in my eyes on the elevator down. 
One of Andy's High Nutrition Meals
I'm not going to be winning any food-plating competitions anytime soon but let's focus on the important part, the nutrition.  When I want to give my digestive system a break after eating a lot of meat or fish protein, I will go with softer protein, like eggs, for a few days. I really believe (barring any allergies or food sensitivity issues) that pasture raised - organic eggs should be categorized as a superfood. As you will notice below, the yolks are still intact by cooking them sunny side up. This retains the great fatty acid composition and mineral content and preserving the vital nutrients that good pastured egg yolks contain.
Alitura visits the Cubs and Dodgers to talk skin care healthy skin
Spring is here! And that means baseball is too! For me, there is no better way to enjoy it than out at the ballpark and meeting baseball players, doing what I can to educate them on the importance of skin care and nutrition - what they put into and onto their body.  A lot of the time, people are only aware of what we see advertised to us, the big corporate names with the toxic/synthetic formulas and ingredient decks.  For these baseball players who are out in the sun for hours with those chemicals getting baked into their skin, that is a huge concern. The importance of what is put into these products as well as how clay masks work can have optimal results for healthy skin. 
Andy's Morning Bulletproof Power Coffee
If you haven't had bulletproof coffee by now, you're missing out! Bulletproof coffee is a high calorie drink meant to replace what you'd typically have for breakfast. Everyone adds their own flavor to their recipes. Read on to see how Andy, the CEO/Founder of Alitura, likes to drink his Bulletproof coffee.
Holistic Tips for Younger, Healthier Skin
Alitura's Scar Healing Protocol