Beautiful skin, naturally.

Look and feel your best with the most nutrient-rich skincare ever. Made with fast-working, all natural ingredients like Freshwater Pearl Powder and Plant-Derived Stem Cells.

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The Alitura Difference

We traveled the world sourcing the highest quality, all natural ingredients available. Packed with nutrients, minerals, stem cells and growth factors so that you can nourish the largest organ of your body: your skin.


Freshwater Pearl Powder

Promotes youthful skin, shrinks pores, decreases redness, and improves texture.

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L-Ascorbic Acid

Super absorbent Vitamin C. Brightens skin and helps erase sun damage and spotting.

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American Ginseng

Oxygenates skin cells and removes impurities for a fresh, radiant complexion.

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Organic Kelp Powder

Nutrient-dense antioxidant that penetrates pores and draws out impurities.

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Calcium Bentonite Clay

Removes acne-producing toxins and metals, plus it shrinks and tightens inflamed pores.

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Grass-fed Colostrum

Nutrient-rich and contains the powerful growth factor IGF-1 that regenerates skin cells.

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An all natural take on skincare

Alitura reinvents skincare products with fast-working, nutrient-dense and all-natural ingredients. Our products are so powerful that our founder used them to rise from his hospital bed (when he suffered from a shattered jaw with scarring on his face) and back onto the modeling circuit.

Our Story

“I haven’t found anything that does what Alitura does. Most importantly I trust Andy’s attention to detail and clean ingredients when formulating his products.”

Dave Asprey Founder of Bulletproof
Dave Asprey

“Alitura is the only brand that I trust for anything in skincare. Their sourcing standards and attention to detail is unmatched and I can rest easy at night knowing that there aren't tons of weird chemicals seeping into my skin.”

Dr. Anthony Gustin Founder and CEO of Perfect Keto & Equip Foods
Dr. Anthony Gustin

“I think there can be a misconception that natural skincare doesn't really work, but I've tried Andy's products and I'm a believer. I love how clean and effective Alitura products are!”

Katie Wells Wellness Mama
Katie Wells

“I love the whole Alitura line, but the Gold Serum, Moisturizer and Night Cream have explicitly become a staple and holy grail item in my daily routine. My skin loves it, and yours will too.”

Dr. Will Cole Leading Functional Medicine Practitioner, International Best-Selling Author, Ketotarian and The Inflammation Spectrum
Dr. Will Cole

With its groundbreaking, top quality, science-backed, and all natural ingredients, Alitura is quite simply the most luxuriously effective anti-aging skin care line I’ve ever used. I am truly blown away by the different I’ve seen in such a short period of time – my skin not only looks and feels younger, but it radiates health! My nighttime routine favorites – the Derma Roller, Clay Mask, Gold Serum, and Night Cream – are must haves for every bathroom counter!

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD The Paleo Mom
Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

“Highest Quality Ingredients Ever”

“Best Luxury Anti-Aging Night Cream”