Traditional Chinese Medicine: Ancient Secrets for Enhancing Beauty

People all around the world value beauty for different reasons and some cultures more than others. Although some might consider an interest in beauty vain, the truth is that our physical appearance can be a measure of health. At least according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the condition of our skin, hair, and nails can tell us a lot about our internal state of health. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine consider the radiant beauty a gift of good health.

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A Guide to Organic Body Lotion

The more you learn about holistic health, the more you realize less is truly more. When it comes to our skin this is especially true. Our entire body does a really extraordinary job at self-regulating. It seems the only thing we need to do, is get out of its way.

Typically, when the body is healthy, clean, free of toxicity and balanced, our skin has a way of regulating itself. Our skin is covered with trillions of cells of bacteria and this microbiome, when balanced, keeps the skin protected, healthy and even clean.

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The Most Common Skincare Myths

The skin is the body’s largest organ; it is so much more than a surface to be cleaned and dressed up. In fact, the skin is an alive, dynamic and complex organization of microorganisms, nerves, glands and trillions of cells, which orchestrate together to serve as a protective barrier, detoxification system and a large part of your immune system. As a barrier system, the skin helps shield your internal organs and body from thermal, chemical, environmental, electromagnetic and other types of external stress. It is also capable of producing its own protective microbial layers to protect you the body from infection, while enabling the body to manufacture vitamin D when exposed to sun light.

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